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Protect your most important data with our backup service, ensuring the security and integrity of your company's critical information, preventing catastrophic losses and reducing the risk of business interruptions.

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Data Security

Keep your information safe and protected against accidental losses, cyber attacks, and disasters, ensuring the continuity of your company's operations.

Rapid Recovery

In the event of incidents, have peace of mind with a rapid and efficient recovery process to restore your critical data and minimize the impact on your company's activities.

Legal Compliance

Meet legal and regulatory compliance requirements, ensuring your data is stored and protected in accordance with current standards.

Cost Reduction

Avoid unnecessary expenses from data loss, rework, and downtime, saving financial resources and maintaining your company's operational efficiency.

Continuous Monitoring

Have constant monitoring of the backup processes, with real-time monitoring to identify and correct possible failures, ensuring data integrity and availability.


Keep up with your business growth without worries, as our backup services are scalable and can be adjusted according to demand and your company's needs.

Specialized Support

Count on a specialized and dedicated team to assist in the implementation, maintenance, and optimization of backup services, ensuring efficient and personalized support.

Process Automation

Simplify backup management with process automation, reducing human intervention and minimizing possible errors, increasing your company's operational efficiency.

Remote Access

Access your backups remotely, at any time and from anywhere, facilitating data recovery even in emergency situations or while traveling.

Multifunctional Backup

Optimize the protection of your data with multifunctional backups, covering different types of files, systems, and devices, suiting the diversity of your company's information.

Secure Migration

Carry out data migrations securely and without interruptions in operations, ensuring efficient and complete information transfer between environments and systems.

Ransomware Prevention

Protect against ransomware attacks with specialized backup strategies and tools, safeguarding your data and minimizing the impacts of potential security incidents.

What Our Clients Say

Operating since 1992 in the national market, Recognition® is a leader in supplying solutions for the capture, recognition, processing, and storage of images of checks and multi-documents for the financial segment. Infraprime is our strategic partner and helps us add more quality to the services provided to our clients.